Senior Analog Design Engineer

Has New Zealand been on your radar for a while?


New Zealand Skills in Demand are seeking qualified Senior Analog Design Engineers for roles in Christchurch.   

Their client is currently utilising a proprietary Power Line Communication (PLC) system and is expanding that capability to support international compliance standards and power line topologies integrating into commercial, residential, smart grid and micro-grid networks.

The Role:

You will be responsible for designing, evaluating, integrating, testing and deploying these technologies. In addition, you will be required to assess new international compliance standards and topologies and their impact on the existing PLC solution. The successful candidate will be responsible for recommending necessary design changes and driving those changes through development and deployment.

What you will need:

  • Bachelor/Master of Engineering with a minimum of 8 years analog design experience

  • Proven analog hardware design skills and experience.

  • Experience in delivering high volume, low cost hardware from concept through validation. The market they participate in is extremely competitive with respect to margins, so the ability to deliver low cost solutions is imperative.

  • The ability to independently assess the impact of international compliance standards and power line topologies on the existing PLC solution (at system level) and recommend and drive any modifications necessary to facilitate a major volume deployment.

  • Experience with communications standards.

  • Experience in the design of modem related products and circuitry.

  • Experience with EMC requirements, design criteria and compliance.

  • Capable of taking a system level view of the PLC communication link. Must have the ability and experience to understand the system level impact of topology changes and/or design decisions on the mixed signal and baseband DSP PHY.

  • Strong written and oral communication and teamwork skills are required

  • Familiarity with lab equipment and hands-on experience with debugging of real-world communication problems.

  • Familiarity with engineering design tools such as Schematic Capture (OrCAD), SPICE, PCB Layout (Cadence Allegro or PADS), and Signal Integrity (Allegro PCB SI).


Other Desirable Attributes:

  • Experience in any of xDSL, HomePNA, HomePlug, ZigBee, etc.

  • RF design experience including proficiency in RF layout and connectivity techniques with comprehensive knowledge of the use of RF test equipment required for hardware design validation


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