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New Zealand benefits from the contribution made by temporary and permanent entry of citizens from other countries. New Zealand, in common with other countries, has a strict and complicated immigration policy linked to politically inspired social and economic objectives.

The Immigration Act 1987 provides the instrument for the Minister of Immigration to publish policy (NZIS Operational Manual) of the Government relating to the rules and criteria under which eligibility for the issue or grant of visas and permits is to be determined.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is the governmental agency responsible for administering and overseeing migration and entry into New Zealand. This covers the responsibility for people wanting to work, invest, study, transit or visit New Zealand.

New Zealand Permanent Residence Policy

People wishing to apply to migrate permanently to New Zealand, must apply through one of the residence streams of the New Zealand Immigration programme (NZIP). These streams are Skilled/Business, Family Sponsored and International/Humanitarian. Each stream has a number of categories and a separate approval level. The NZIP is designed to grant residence to 55,000 per year. In 2005/2006 51,236 people were approved for permanent residencein New Zealand.

New Zealand Temporary Entry Policy

The objectives of New Zealands temporary entry policy are to facilitate the entry of genuine visitors, students and temporary workers. Nearly 1.5 million people were issued temporary permits to come to New Zealand in 2005/2006. Work permits were issued to 99,674 individuals, working holidaymakers permits were issued to 28,540 individuals and 66,233 individuals were granted permits to study in New Zealand. There is a strong link between temporary migration and permanent residence. Eighty-seven per cent of principal applicants approved for residence in 2005/2006, had previously held a visitor or student visa or work permit.

New Zealand Immigration - passports

Definition of a Visa

A visa is an endorsement by a Visa Officer, in a passport or a certificate of identity, which entitles the holder to travel to New Zealand.

Definition of a Permit

A permit is an endorsement by an Immigration Officer in a passport, or a certificate of identity, which confirms that the holder is a person who requires a permit to be in New Zealand and may lawfully remain in New Zealand, while the permit is current.

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