Migration Associates Fees

Migration Associates' professional fees are transparent, realistic, and based on success. We will provide you a written quotation of our professional fees with your Comprehensive New Zealand Visa Evaluation, along with a quote of all other third party costs.

We pride ourselves on offering a premium visa service that is affordable.

Please note, we DO NOT:

  • Give quotes verbally. You will receive a written quotation before any work is carried out.

  • Charge the full amount up front – our fees are payable in instalments throughout the NZ visa approval process to allow you to budget for the costs involved and spread the costs.

  • Charge on a time billing system – We charge a fixed fee so you do not need to worry about the costs of any calls and the length of time you spend on calls made to us or calls we make to you.

  • Charge a visa approval fee – We will quote you a fixed fee for our assistance - there are no further charges if your NZ visa is approved.

  • Charge a job placement fee – we will not charge you a placement fee if our strategic partner, New Zealand Skills In Demand, obtains an offer of employment for you. New Zealand Skills In Demand will not charge a placement fee either. Its candidate matching service is a free service.

We are selective in only offering our service to people committed to living and working in New Zealand and whom we feel have a realistic chance of success. We will brief you to ensure that you understand the professional fees that are applicable to your application, along with quoting all Immigration New Zealand visa application fees, qualifications assessment fees, occupation registration fees and all other third party costs.

We deliver a premium, personal and professional New Zealand visa service for those wishing to have a new life in New Zealand. Our fees are in line with industry standards and are based on success.

We now take payment via Paypal, allowing you to pay in $NZD or $GBP.