Case Study: Kotze family, 5 Year Work Visa

What were the main drivers in your decision to emigrate?

Our main driving factor was to create a better life for our children.

Did you always have your heart set on New Zealand? 

Once we started doing research we found that new Zealand had the most to offer in terms of education for the children. Also, we love the great outdoors and in terms of that you will struggle to find a more beautiful county with limitless options for outdoor experiences.

How did you come across Migration Associates and why did you decide to use our services?

We saw the Webinar advertised on Facebook, signed up and 'attended' the session. As Borey was willing to share all the required information without us having to pay anything initially it helped us work through our thought process before committing to anything. 

Why did you decide to apply for a 5 year work visa, were there other options?

We had our own small business in SA and considered coming over with on a Business Visa. Borey advised us to consider an alternative visa option as this would be a very expensive and complicated route for our situation. It was necessary to prove that I had 5 years relevant work experience that was in line with the job offer that I would receive. My employer also needed to show that this position could not be filled from within NZ in a certain time frame. With Borey’s help they approved a 5 year work visa under essential skill level 1.

Now you're in New Zealand, does it live up to your expectations?

NZ far exceeds our expectations. They are very focused on young children and there is really a lot for them to do. Children participate in outdoor activities and sports. One of the most amazing things for me was the library. They have a massive selection for children and the quality of content is amazing. There is almost always some or other community programme on. A visit to the doctor also far exceeded our expectations. They were very throughout with the examinations and reluctant to prescribe medications unnecessarily.