Case Study: Melanie Kyriakou, Partner Residency Visa

What was the initial appeal of New Zealand?

The life style. We recently got married and both decided it was time to leave the UK as New Zealand was a better place to raise a family and more importantly, the quality of life is great.

What helped you decide to proceed with migration?

My husband is a Kiwi and he got offered a very good job here, so we thought it was a good time to make the move.

What type of visa did you go for?

First I applied for a Work Visa, then when I got to New Zealand (within a week) I applied for a Spousal Visa.

Now that you're in New Zealand, how are you finding your new life?

The work/life balance is great. I've had back to back winters since moving here so I'm really excited for summer to kick in. I'll be joining a running and cycling club next year and I'm going to take up skiing in the winter as there are a few ski fields close by. I was also excited to own our own place and get a dog, which we've done since moving here.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about moving to New Zealand?

Firstly I would say to work with a immigration specialist - especially if you have a complicated situation. If I tried to complete my application on my own I would have wasted so much time and money due to submitting incorrect documentation. Secondly, I would suggest to come on holiday and visit both the South and North Island prior to making your decision.