Case Study: Joan and Trevor Adamson, Permanent Visa

What was the initial appeal of New Zealand?

Our two sons emigrated to New Zealand 10-12 years ago and when we retired we decided to visit them in Christchurch. We hired a car and visited many places in the South Island and vowed to come back and visit the North Island, which we did December 2011 to February 2012. During that time we re-visited places in the South Island and flew up to Wellington, hired a car and toured a good bit of the North Island. On the plane on the way home Trevor said to me "Next time we come out here I am not going home"!

What helped you decide to proceed with migration?

We had been involved to some extent when our sons were planning to come to NZ and then we heard from them how beautiful a country NZ was and, of course, when we visited ourselves we could experience that for ourselves.

What type of visa did you go for?

We were applying for a Parental Residency Visa as it was the one which suited our needs the most. We had both retired and would not be seeking work here and as we had no other children apart from our two sons in NZ we did not have any other ties.

Now that you're in New Zealand, how are you finding your new life?

We love NZ and are very happy with the move. We find everyone very friendly and helpful which has enabled us to settle very quickly. It is a more relaxed atmosphere than the UK and, of course, the country is so beautiful to experience. We have no regrets in moving.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about moving to New Zealand?

Don't hesitate - just come as you will enjoy the experience!