Steven Hughes - Excavator Operator - Work Visa

What made you first Consider working in New Zealand?

I’ve worked the length and breadth of the UK, I just decided it was time for a change of scenery.

Steve Case Study.jpg

What initial steps did you take to investigate the options?

I did extensive online investigation into where I wanted to go and found out about the demand for my skills in New Zealand.

How was the job search process?

I approached Migration Associates to help me, they got me in touch with New Zealand Skills In Demand who set up an interview with my now current New Zealand employer, so it was quite straight forward.

What visa did you go for, and end up on - any advice to anyone who may go through the same thing?

I initially was on for a NZ work to residency visa, however the NZ government downgraded my skills so, I’m currently on a 1 year NZ work visa but I have options to extend this. My advice is just to keep an eye on the Skill Lists as they change regularly. 

Now you're in New Zealand, does it meet expectations? What is work like?

Life in New Zealand is very laid back, I work for an agency which makes my work varied between Excavator Operator to Truck Driver. Life is good, the people are friendly, nothing is done in a rush.