New Zealand Climate

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The seasons in New Zealand are in reverse to those in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is from September to November followed by Summer from December to February, Autumn is from March until May and Winter is June until August.

New Zealand has a temperate climate: relatively mild, wet winters with moderately high rainfall and warm dry summers, with many hours of sunshine. Being a maritime country, the weather can change rapidly from day to day or even during the day.

In general, the west of the country is wetter due to the westerly showers that fall on that side of the country. Generally the climate is cooler the further south you travel. Maximum summer temperatures average from 30 degrees Celsius in the north to 20 degrees Celsius in the south, while average winter maximum’s range from 15 degrees Celsius in the north to 10 degrees Celsius in the south. Overnight, particularly in the south, temperatures can reach freezing in winter and it is common to see snow falling at least once during winter in the South.