New Zealand Healthcare

As an expat, you may wonder how the healthcare system in New Zealand works, especially if you've got existing medical conditions. New Zealand residents, and those who hold a work visa valid for 2+ years, benefit from a government-subsidised public health system that is free or low cost. Of course, accidents and emergencies are free - just dial 111. Just like the UK, some residents opt to take out private healthcare, though most rely on the public system.

If you are in New Zealand as a non-resident, you can still use the healthcare service at a cost, but you should ensure you have medical insurance from your home country before you travel.

If you are a new resident you should look to register with a GP in your area. You can find one near you on the New Zealand Medical Council Website. Your GP will go on to refer you to a medical specialist if necessary. 

Dentistry is offered free to those under 18, and residents on low-incomes. For all others, oral practitioner work out of private practices, just like the UK. You can find a dentist in your area by checking here.