Sending Pets to New Zealand

The requirements to move your dog or cat to New Zealand may seem daunting, but it needn't be. With careful guidance from your pet shipper, the move will be smooth and stress free, for you and your pet/s. Please allow as much notice as possible for the arrangements to be made, a minimum of 6 weeks.

Airpets uses the direct Air New Zealand flights, this is the quickest route there. You do not need to be on the same flight as your pet, in fact it may be easier for you if your pet arrives 1 or 2 days after you. This allows you to go straight home after your flight, then simply return to the airport to collect your pet. Once your pets have cleared through customs, they are yours to take home, there is no quarantine for pets arriving directly from the UK.

The travel kennel for your pet will allow plenty of space to stand, turn and be comfy. We also recommend that we take a favourite blanket / towel for your pet to fly with, something that smells of home. We do not recommend that you try and get the pet “used” to the kennel before departure. Your house will have a level of anxiety and stress and the pet may develop a negative association to the kennel. We cannot sedate any pets for the flight, but you may use herbal / homeopathic remedies eg, Rescue Remedy / DAP / Feliway spray, if desired.

It is best if your pet travels on an empty stomach, he/she is much less likely to need to go to the toilet in the travel kennel. Water is available throughout the journey. All the pets are checked on during the touch down in either Los Angeles or Hong Kong and the water is topped up.

The veterinary requirements are quite complex, but do not worry, we are here to guide you through every step. Once a date of departure has been set, we will send you a detailed veterinary schedule telling you and your vet exactly what tests to do and when. Here is a basic idea of the requirements.

  1. Permanent identification (Micro Chip).
  2. DOGS ONLY Blood test for Leptospirosis, Brucella Canis, Ehrlichiosis and Heartworm within 30 days of export. All blood extraction will be done with your own Veterinary surgery and then sent to The Veterinary Laboratories Agency’ New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey. A further 2 blood tests are required for Babesia within 10 days of export. Approx costs for all dog testing £400 – £500 / dog, please ask your vet for a quote. NB, if a booster vaccination is due before departure DO NOT vaccinate against Leptospirosis, this may affect the blood test results
  3. Two faecal tests at least 14 days apart but within 30 days of export with negative results for Hookworm. All faecal samples can be collected by you or your vet and then sent to ‘The Veterinary Laboratories Agency.
  4. Treatment against internal parasites, 2 x treatments within 30 days of export but at least 2 weeks apart. Treatment for external parasites within 10 days of export
  5. DEFRA Export Health Certificate signed within 96 hours of export.

A PETS passport is NOT required to move your pet to Australia / New Zealand, however, if you feel that you may be returning to the UK at some point, we do strongly advise that you obtain the full PETS passport. This can be arranged through your local vet practice.