6 bite-sized steps towards creating a New Zealand life

As with all good ideas; it is one thing having it, but quite another making it happen. And the idea of living and working in New Zealand is one of those ideas that may seem a little overwhelming when you think about it in its entirety. But the secret to making anything happen is taking it in small, manageable steps. So to help you start your journey to a New Zealand life we've broken down the process into six simple actions.


1. Completing an evaluation form. Filling in an evaluation form with us is where many people’s journey starts. The information required at this stage is based around your skills and your reason for choosing New Zealand, and helps us tell you which visa you’d need to apply for. Knowing which visa you’d be applying for, immediately gives you more solid foundations for understanding if you could really have a New Zealand life. There’s no obligation once it’s filled, and it’s free, so it’s a great way to get started. If you haven’t already, fill your form out here.

2. Attend our ‘This is New Zealand’ seminar. We hold quarterly seminars across the country that are designed to inform individuals about life in New Zealand and the emigration process. As we run these sessions with companies such as New Zealand Skills in DemandPSS removalsMoneyCorpMigration Cover and Bank of New Zealand, it gives you a rounded view of all the major aspects to emigration. Plus you get to hear directly from New Zealanders, and can take the opportunity to ask any burning questions that you haven’t been able to ask before. Many people find these sessions really useful, take a look at some feedback from previous sessions, and book your tickets to a session here.

3. Obtain professional advice. Speaking to a licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser is perhaps the most important step in your journey as it gives you a chance to properly understand the process, the costs and the details. Because it’s so essential, we offer this service for free. Once we receive evaluation forms, or/and if we've met you at the seminar we arrange these more personal consultation sessions so that we can properly assess your individual circumstances – it’s important to speak to someone face to face as this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You’ll go away from this conversation feeling informed, reassured and with details of exactly what you need to do to progress.

4. Research granular details of living. So you've filled in the form, attended a seminar, and spoken to us: the bug has well and truly bitten. But now you want to know if this is really something you could do – could you actually afford to live there? Do groceries cost the same? What’s the weather like? What would you do with your free time? Will you miss your friends and family too much? What kind of property could you afford? The questions start snowballing and you may find yourself asking more questions than you’re able to answer. There are a few ways you can get these answered – firstly we have a Guide to New Zealand that addresses some of these questions, such as offering a comparison of groceries. Secondly we have a number of active social media channels which we regularly update with lifestyle posts, and many previous clients follow them so you could use the channels to ask a question. Or, you can contact us – we’re used to answering all sorts of questions and nothing is too trivial.

5. Get a job in New Zealand. Applying for New Zealand immigration with a job offer in place will greatly increase your chances of success, so if you’re serious about moving then this should be a primary focus of your efforts. A good start is to talk to New Zealand Skills in Demand – the company specialise in matching skilled individuals from around the world into positions with New Zealand organisations across a multitude of sectors and have assisted over 250 individuals gain job offers in the last 18 months. They have offices in both the UK and NZ, so are well placed to help. They offer great advice, such as giving you a NZ CV template and telling you exactly what skills a NZ employer is looking for. You can also take a look at some of the current jobs being advertised in New Zealand here.

6. Send back letter of Engagement. You've been through all your research and reflection stages, and have made the decision to progress with your application. We will at this point have sent you a letter of engagement, so the next step would be to sign this and send back, so that we can begin processing the application with New Zealand immigration services. We’re on hand to take you through the application stage step by step, making sure you know where you stand and ensuring that you’ve done exactly what you need to do for application success. Have a read of some previous case studies to hear how we’ve helped other individuals, or some feedback so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Broken down, these 6 steps are simple, and small stepping stones towards what once might have felt like only a pipe dream. You could really turn your dreams into reality. Start your journey by taking the steps above, and begin living the life you really want.