Breaking News: 3 year Work Visa Now Available in Canterbury

Scaffolders, Truck Drivers and Plant Operators - Breaking News 3 year Work Visa Now Available in Canterbury


Our Strategic partner, New Zealand Skills in Demand, has recently received some positive news from its nationwide trade and construction employment partner confirming that they have obtained Labour Hire Accreditation status from Immigration New Zealand.

So what does this mean in practice for you?

Scaffolders, Truck Drivers (construction based experience needed) and Plant Operators will now get a 3 year visa to work in this occupation in the Canterbury region on the basis of a full time job offer in the Canterbury region  from New Zealand Skills in Demands nationwide trade and construction employment partner - previously a 12 month work visa was only available.

These changes mean that a move to New Zealand becomes is more attractive for you and your family as you will have a work visa to work in your occupation in the Canterbury area for 3 years. The increase in time may also allow you to also work towards a more permanent visa, subject to meeting the immigration requirements, and therefore we would welcome the opportunity to organise a time to speak to you to advise you of the potential opportunity to obtain residency in the future.

New Zealand Skills in Demand expects work to accelerate in 2016, with a lot of the major developments in the Christchurch Earthquake development kicking off in 2016 and beyond. There is more work to be done than people to do it – New Zealand population is simply too small. There are permanent and full time contracts waiting for committed individuals – along with the obvious lifestyle, great weather, friendly people and winning rugby team to support!

If you have any interest in making this happen, get in touch urgently to register your interest with the New Zealand Skills in Demand team – by emailing a recent CV (if possible) to