A Long Term Look at New Zealand Employment Figures

New Zealand Employment Figures

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has recently released its Medium to long-term employment outlook: Looking ahead to 2024 report.

Key points of the report

  • Employment growth is forecast to remain above the long-run average (1.7 per cent) in the medium-term to 2019.
  • Employment is expected to increase by 226,200 over the 2014-19 period, and by about 183,900 over the subsequent five years to 2024. This represents annual employment growth of about 1.9 per cent (or 45,200 on average) and about 1.5 per cent (or about 36,800 on average), respectively
  • Strong employment growth is forecast for retail trade and accommodation, business services, utilities and construction. Employment in certain manufacturing industries, such as machinery and equipment and metal products, is also predicted to grow strongly.
  • Service industries, including healthcare and social assistance and arts, recreation and other personal services, are forecast to experience moderate employment growth
  • Employment growth will be strongest for highly-skilled occupations, including managers and professionals

The above indicates a good outlook for those wishing to consider working and living in New Zealand in the medium and long term. Of particular note is the strong growth in the trades sector where demand is expected nationwide with a high demand in the Canterbury and Auckland areas. Employers in these regions are considering overseas applicants.

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