NZ FAQ Series Part 1 - Application

New Zealand Frequently Asked Question Series Part 1 – application.

Every day we deal with many enquiries about working and living in New Zealand, and many people have similar questions that aren't that easy to find answers to through Google. We feel that no question is wrong, or silly, and all are valid concerns and need to be addressed for your journey to take place. Because of this, we have created a series of frequently asked questions below for you to browse. 

1.       Why do I need to fill out information about my employment and upload my CV?

Our free evaluation form requests this information because it helps our advisers to assess your eligibility for New Zealand Visa application. Most visas depend on the skill that you are bringing to New Zealand.  We can identify if your skills are in high demand or not, thus changing our recommendation of which visa to apply for. By giving us this information up front we can make a better assessment of your chances, and let you know right at the start of the journey whether you have a good chance or not. It also means that we may refer your CV to one of our employment partners to help you get a job over in New Zealand – another avenue for Visa Application Success.

2.       How long does the whole process take?

It does depend on your skill set and the visa you’re applying through. For instance, if your skill is in high demand and there’s a job waiting for you, we can often fast-track you. Working Holiday Visas are also a quick turnaround. Speaking to one our licensed immigration advisers will provide you with the information you need on the timeframes that are applicable to you.

3.       Is it expensive to migrate?

Again it depends on the visa type, and also if you have a job offer in place. If your employer is willing to pay for your relocation, then it can be quite inexpensive to migrate! However, we recommend that you budget for having to pay for your own relocation as this is more common. Depending on the size of your family and visa type, costs can range and therefore speaking to one our licensed immigration advisers will provide you with the information you need on the costs that are applicable to you.

4.       Do I need a job before I apply for a Visa?

It is ideal if you do as it makes the Visa process more straight forward, and the chances of success are higher. That said often people find this a bit chicken and egg, to have a Visa you want a job, to get a job you need a Visa. Some candidates apply without a job in place and then find a job when out in New Zealand, but most find a job first online and then follow on with the Visa application. If your skills are sought after, an employer will likely accept that you need to apply for a Visa based on their job offer.

Starting the visa process will signal to an employer or a recruiter that you are serious about the move to New Zealand and if you are finding hard to get a job offer from outside of New Zealand you may need to consider planning a trip to New Zealand to meet up with employers and recruiters.

5.       How easy is it to get a job?

This depends entirely on your employment history and skill set. If your current occupation is on the skills shortage list and you are qualified and experienced, there should be demand in New Zealand for your skills set.

If you have a skills set our employment partners our looking for they will likely be able to set you up interviews with New Zealand employers (usually via telephone or Skype). They can also help convert your CV to New Zealand style and prepare you for your interview. For those whose industry is outside of our employment partner’s areas, then it’s simply a matter of searching and applying for jobs as you do in your own country. If your skills and experience are worth it, an employer is likely to respond – you need to show perseverance and determination.

As eluded to above, you may need to consider planning a trip to New Zealand to meet up with employers and recruiters to increase your chances of obtaining employment.

6.       At what point do I need to pay something?

We offer free evaluations and free initial assessment – either face to face or on the phone, so up to the point at which you have all the information about your eligibility and visa options, there’s nothing to pay. If you decide to proceed, and you sign our letter of engagement to state that you want us to proceed with your application, you then have to pay your initial deposit + VAT – we will confirm our fees in the free visa evaluation we complete and send to you by email. We always advise clients to get the visa process started so you are visa ready when you have a job offer in place – we will also put together an immigration strategy for you to follow – which will provide some guidance to you.

How can I find out more information before I proceed?

We expect you’ll have lots of questions and you’ll be searching the internet for the answers regularly. Other ways you can get answers is by attending one of our Seminars or Webinars – this is likely to answer all burning questions about lifestyle, money, employment, visas, moving and many questions that others ask that you may not have even thought of! The events are held quarterly in 4 locations across the country. Another method is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we regularly post information around visas, lifestyle, economy, industry news and also just lots of good New Zealand fun to keep you up-to-date. Failing that you are always welcome to email us on or call us on 01483 550920.