Work in Construction? Why now is your time to move to New Zealand

Work in Construction? Why now is your time to move to New Zealand

1.       You may or may not have heard that there is currently a high demand for skilled construction workers in New Zealand. Partly driven from the regeneration of Christchurch after the 2011 earthquakes, partly driven by a migration and economic boom. More people and more money means more infrastructure is needed and being created, and this inevitably means that New Zealand needs to draw on the talent pool outside of their country to help make this happen.


2.       Because construction workers are in such high demand, the New Zealand government have implemented various strategies to make this easier for both employer and employee.      


3.       To gain a working Visa in New Zealand you don’t need a skills assessment or English test, as you do to gain a visa for Australia. So if your ultimate goal is to live and work in Australia, but cannot get because the difficulties of the visa process in Australia, you can perhaps consider New Zealand as the visa process is much more simplified – however you will in all likelihood require a job offer before applying for a visa, which is a positive thing as you need to have a job offer in place to make the move.


4.       You have flexibility in Visa choice. If you’re between 18-31 then you may be able to travel on a NZ Working Holiday Visa for up to 24months, giving you a chance to ‘try before you buy’. The Essential Skills Work Visa is for those filling a temporary skills gap, or the Skilled Migrant Category for those want to obtain permanent residency. There are many other visa types which gives people flexibility depending on their circumstances and preferences.


5.       New Zealand’s economy is booming. It’s recovered strongly from the global financial crisis and has enjoyed steady economic growth in recent years with a GDP Annual Growth Rate this quarter of 2.3%. With the Construction industry a large contributor to this overall growth, the country is attracting investors and giving skilled, capable workers a lot of opportunities for personal growth.


6.       New Zealand is an untouched beauty, full of breathtaking landscapes, rolling mountains, stunning beaches and vibrant cities. It receives many accolades in wealth reports, quality of life indexes, and human development indexes. It is also renowned for offering a very good life-work balance, instilled by its residents whose first love is the outdoors. For many construction workers who are physically skilled, it’s an opportunity for finally getting a workshop, starting a personal project, or just a chance to get outdoors after work and enjoy the world.


7.       You have all the support you need to help you on the journey. There’s New Zealand Skills in Demand who are actively looking to place people in roles, Bank of New Zealand who are well-versed in setting up new Migrants in New Zealand, MoneyCorp who help NZ migrants make the most of their money, Migration Cover which specialise in insuring people moving to New Zealand against all those things you might worry about, and of course Migration Associates who have over 99% success rate on New Zealand Visa applications.


8.       There are plenty of people who have done it before and are loving their new life – Quantity Surveyors, Carpenters, Electricians, Construction Project Managers, Engineers, Heavy Vehicle Fitters, and loads more. Read what they had to say about the NZ Visa Process, and some of our case studies here to see how they got on.


If you work in the Construction Industry, there never has been a better time to live and work in New Zealand. Start your journey today. Fill in our free initial Evaluation Form, and sign up to attend a Seminar/Webinar.