New Zealand Short-term employment forecast 2016-2019

New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment recently released their Short-term Employment Forecast for 2016-2019.

The report highlights include: 

  • Employment will continue to grow by an average of 2.1 per cent, or 148,300 jobs annually over the next three years.

  • The construction, hospitality and services sectors will continue to boost employment over the next two to three years.

  • Rates of employment growth are forecast to be highest in the South Island, particularly in Marlborough, the West Coast and Otago over the three year period, though Auckland and Christchurch should see the largest net gains.

  • Unemployment is forecast to rise to 6 per cent by March quarter 2017 before falling to 5 per cent by March quarter 2019.

The full report can be accessed here, giving detailed forecasts by industry and occupations for regions.