Borey Chum moves back to NZ, and sets up a Migration Associates NZ Branch

In April 2016 Managing Director of Migration Associates took the step that so many of you are in the process of taking, or have already taken – and relocated to New Zealand.

Borey is a New Zealander, but has lived in the United Kingdom with his family for the last 10 years. With his children now in primary education Borey decided it was time to make the move home and enjoy the country he spends all his working hours talking about!

Borey used PSS removals to ship furniture and belongings to New Zealand, this was packed up and taken mid-January and arrived mid-March.

His wife and Children made the move to Christchurch a few months before so his eldest could start a fresh school term. His son has joined a class with only 18 children in total, a totally different experience from his London Primary school. The children are absolutely loving the outdoor life and the weather which has been around 30 degrees Celsius.

Borey is in the process of setting up the New Zealand Branch to work alongside the UK Branch, and to assist those who may already be in New Zealand. For anyone who has made the move and living in Christchurch, he would love to catch up over a coffee and find out how you are settling in. His NZ email address is – get in touch.

From the UK team we wish Borey lots of success in his new life chapter, and we'll miss him!