Struggling with the Australian Visa System? NZ may be a better option

When considering migrating 'down under' there are many arguments for both Australia and New Zealand. One huge difference is the visa application process for residency. Whilst both operate on a 'points' system, the process is very different for both countries.

For the Australian process, citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the United States all meet the basic English requirement by virtue of their citizenship. All other applicants must sit the IELTS English tests. However, even applicants who meet the basic English criteria may still need to complete the IELTS English test report to obtain additional points on the visa points test. This may require applicants to obtain a certain level on the IELTS test report, which can be challenging and in some cases be the difference between visa success and failure.

Under the New Zealand process, you are required to meet the English language requirements, however you do not obtain points for English language ability. Citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States will not be required to complete an IELTS test report to apply for residency. This makes the New Zealand process a little easier than the Australian for citizens of the above mentioned countries, all other applicants from other countries may be required to provide an IELTS English test report to evidence their English language ability. 

There are other huge benefits to living in New Zealand in terms of economy, weather, housing and population which differ from Australia, but as sister countries they do both offer a great lifestyle. The above shows that both countries have two different systems and one may argue that the New Zealand process is less onerous for citizens of the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, when it comes to English language ability. 

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