Changes to Investor 2 Policy - Overview

On 22 May this year, some changes were made to the Investor 2 policy to create incentives for applicants to invest more of their funds in growth investments.

See the changes to the policy below:

Before 22nd May After 22nd May
Minimum investment amount $1.5million $3million
Settlement funds $1million $0
Time required to be spent in New Zealand after the grant of a visa 40% of each of final 3 years of investment period (146 days per year) • 40% of each of final 3 years (146 days per year); or
• 438 days over 4 years if minimum of $750,000 is invested in ‘growth investments’ (investments other than bonds or philanthropic investments)
Investment amount Nominated amount ($1.5m or greater) Nominated amount ($3m or greater).
If $1.5 million of nominated amount is placed in ‘growth investments’ then the overall amount can be reduced by $0.5 m
Additional evidence you must supply Evidence supporting the claims you made in your expression of interest with regards to:
• English language
• business experience
• investment funds
• 3 years of business experience
• meeting minimum English language requirements (an IELTS overall score of 3.0)
• investment funds as claimed in your expression of interest, if you claimed more than $3 million

Please be aware that any Investors and/or representatives of Investors in process have been contacted about this directly. All applications must now be submitted under the new instructions. 

For those who have an ITA but have not yet applied, they have a month added to the expiry of their original ITA. 

BMB have no ability to extend these application deadlines.

For more information, visit the New Zealand Immigration website.