25 reasons to move to New Zealand

Thinking of living and working abroad? Here are 25 reasons why New Zealand may be the best country for you…

1. If you work in Construction, Healthcare, Accounting, Education, or many other sectors, your skills are in high demand in the country, which means you can apply for a visa under the Skilled Migrant Category – and this visa type has the opportunity for full residency.

2. New Zealand is real life ‘Middle Earth’ with all the breath-taking scenes from Lord of the Rings around every corner…

The scenery view of Hobbiton hole in Matamata town of North Island, New Zealand.

3. It’s got a rich history dating back over 700 years where the Māori culture was developed.

Maori meeting house - Marae

4. Because of its remote location and tectonic evolution, It has no poisonous spiders, no snakes, no killer jellyfish or other deadly insects/animals.

5. It does have these though…

small kiwi toy bird

6. And these…

dolphin underwater on reef close coming to you

7. And these!

ready to dive 2

8. It has all the seasons – lots of variety in the weather can break up the monotony, and means you can have beautiful hot summers, and still ski in the winter.

9. Dubbed the eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling, and voted the world’s top travel destination in an international TripAdvisor Survey, Milford Sounds is one of the most incredible places on earth.

Milford Sound - II

10. You don’t need to tip – it’s not custom to tip in restaurants or in taxis, so the bill is what it is!

11. It has some fantastic ski resorts, including Craigieburn Valley, Treble Cone, The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. Plus some of the best Apre-Ski in Queenstown.


12. You can holiday in Australia, or Fiji, or Tonga. Or South East Asia. All are just a short flight away so you can fit them into 2 weeks with no jet lag.

13. Auckland and Wellington regularly appear in the top ten cities for quality of live (https://mercer.com/newsroom/2018-quality-of-living-survey.html)

14. Only 5% of New Zealand’s population are human (the rest are animals)!


15. You get to support the All Blacks and learn the Haka...

16.   It’s the home of skydiving, bungy jumping, white-water rafting; anything adrenaline fuelled

17.   There are no nuclear power plants in New Zealand, it depends mainly on hydro-electric power for its electricity.

18.   New Zealand was one of the first countries to give women the right to vote.

19.   Gisborne, situated on the east coast of New Zealand’s North island, is the first place in the world to watch the sun rise.

20.   Geographically speaking, New Zealand is on a continent all by itself – the last fragment of a submerged continent called Zealandia.

21.   New Zealand is a multi-ethnic society and home to many different national origins, of which they’re very proud.

22.   It’s got a brilliant education system...

Montessori/Pre-School Class Listening to Teacher on Carpet

23.   ...And healthcare system too

Healthcare And Medicine. Doctor using a digital tablet

24.   They have a fantastic work-life balance. It’s very normal to get outside, or do a hobby after work, and make the most of the outside on the weekends.

25. Did we mention this is what it looks like…?