Will New Zealand Parent Category reopen after July 2018?

News flash: The New Zealand Parent Category – Will this category reopen after July 2018?

Many parents of New Zealand residents or citizens will be waiting in great anticipation on whether  The New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) will permit the re-opening the Parent Visa Category in 2018. 

Many of you may already know that the New Zealand government closed the Parent Visa Category in October 2016. This visa category enabled parents to join their children in New Zealand and was open to the parents of an adult child (i.e. a child over the age of 17) who was a New Zealand citizen or permanent residents.

NZRP is set every two years, and the closure of the category came about where the cap of 2000 visas granted in each year was almost reached.

The re-opening of this visa category could be excellent news for many New Zealand citizens and resident visa holders who have been waiting for this moment, allowing parents and grandparents to join their family in New Zealand.

Full details of the category cap, and requirements within each qualification tier has yet to be fully announced, however recent changes have been made to the tier one parent category’s “guaranteed lifetime minimum income” has a marginal increase of just $268 ($28,166 for one applicant) and $448 ($41,494 for two applicants), have been made. We are unsure if there will be changes to the sponsor’s income and settlement fund amounts.

We will update more when announcements are made on 1st July.

If the Parent Visa Category re-opens under the current policy, we expect there will be a mad rush to have expressions of interests lodged and therefore it will be important for applicants to obtain professional immigration to ensure visa eligibility and to act swiftly, given the cap (yet to be determined) on numbers for the next 2 years.

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