HGV Driver Positions 2018 - New Zealand

 Our partners New Zealand Skills In Demand are seeking licensed HGV Drivers for roles in cities such as Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.  They offer a free service to place candidates in NZ roles. 

Ideal candidates will have experience operating a wide range of vehicles with gearboxes such as crashbox, roadranger, splitter and synchro. You will need to have a C+E license.These are generally construction industry related, as opposed to long haul, therefore relevant experience will be required. 

In New Zealand, HGV drivers will be expected to get involved in other aspects of work, not just driving. You MUST be prepared to labour as well E.g. digging holes, operating vac trucks, unloading and loading. Some roles for example require 50% driving and 50% labouring. 

A CV is a must. You must also be able to provide written references and an oral reference will be taken as part of the process. 
Starting rate for licensed HGV Drivers in New Zealand is $20 -23 NZD per hour and will increase according to skills, experience and qualifications.  

You will likely need a vehicle to transport yourself to your worksite.

Opportunities are on-going and start dates are flexible – New Zealand Skills In Demand will provide you with relocation assistance including visas, shipping, banking, money transfer and support before you arrive in New Zealand. 

Start the process now: 

1. Email ammar@nzskillsindemand.co.nz with your CV

2. Fill out our free initial evaluation form for us to assess you eligibility for a NZ Visa.

3. Attend a Seminar or Webinar with This is New Zealand