New Zealand Online Jobs continue to rise

The latest reports from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment show that online jobs in New Zealand continue to rise. In December 2019 advertisements rose by 2.0 percent, and slowed to 0.5 percent in January (reflecting seasonal fluctuations). The highlights from the report show:

  • Vacancies increased in nine out of the ten industry groups. The largest increases were Information Technology (up 1.8 per cent) and Healthcare and Medical (up 1.5 per cent).

  • Among the industry groups, Health Care and Medical, and Primary industries, had the fastest growth, in most regions.

  • Vacancies increased in all eight occupation groups. The largest increases were for Labourers (up 1.2 per cent) and Technicians and Trades workers (up 0.9 per cent).

  • The strongest percentage increase in online advertising over the quarter came from the Labourers and Sales occupation groups, in most regions.

  • Vacancies increased in all of the five skill levels. The largest increase was for unskilled (up 1.0 per cent), and the smallest increase for low skilled (up 0.4 per cent).

  • Vacancies increased in nine of the ten regions over the month, with the biggest increases in Bay of Plenty (up 2.1 per cent), and Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough/West Coast (up 1.6 per cent). The only reduction in vacancies was in Canterbury (down 0.1 per cent).

  • Over the year, the largest increases in online advertisements were for unskilled and highly-skilled jobs.

Over the past year, online vacancies increased by 6.8 per cent. To find more information on INZ’s labour market analysis click here, and for more detailed charts and data tables click here.