Don't let Brexit delay your backpacking plans - A NZ adventure awaits!

The “Brexit blues” is being blamed for a disastrous fall in spending by British tourists in New Zealand.

Recent statistics showing a 23% drop in the number of British backpackers arriving in New Zealand has worried tourist operators and accommodation providers. The fall in the number of young European backpackers will have a particularly detrimental effect on regional employers, who depend on hard-working and enthusiastic young people to work in seasonal industries. Employers in a variety of local sectors, including hospitality, tourism, farming and construction, say that young travellers are essential to cover labour shortages, particularly during the peak of seasonal industries.

Borey Chum, Managing Director of Migration Associates, says that “young Britons should not be deterred from embarking on a New Zealand adventure. With the numerous beaches, scenic vistas, adrenaline-fuelled activities and great weather for most of the year, New Zealand has a huge amount to offer working holiday applicants.”

New Zealand represents a particularly great opportunity for young people with qualifications and experience in a variety of occupations, including trades and construction workers. Demand for skilled workers is high, with plenty of employment opportunities available for people with the right attitude and skill-set. Migration Associates works closely with NZ Skills In Demand, who may be able to assist with arranging a job offer before working holiday applicants even arrive here. “We’ve been able to assist hundreds of clients based in the United Kingdom to apply for and obtain their work visas while they are still in the UK,” says Mr Chum. “They arrive in New Zealand to a great lifestyle, and earning money from day one. We are particularly in need of construction workers”.

British citizens also have the advantage of being able to apply for a generous Working Holiday Visa (WHV), which enables them to travel around New Zealand, seeing the sights and earning money while they’re here. There is no limit to the number of UK citizens who can be granted the WHVs, which allow a stay in New Zealand for up to 23 months including 12 months of work rights. The WHV is a hugely popular way for young people to experience some of what New Zealand has to offer, with thousands of young people from all over the world arriving every year for their New Zealand adventure and some end up making New Zealand their home.

People interested in travelling to New Zealand to pursue new employment opportunities or enjoy a holiday adventure can complete a free online NZ visa evaluation. to enable Migration Associates to advise on WHV eligibility and to connect you with New Zealand Skills in Demand, who works with many New Zealand employers, including one of New Zealand’s largest trade recruiter. Migration Associates and New Zealand Skills in Demand have a proven track-record, assisting hundreds of clients embark on their New Zealand adventure and ensuring that their visa applications go smoothly and assist working holiday applicants to obtain employment before arriving in New Zealand.

“Don’t let the Brexit blues get you down,” urges Mr Chum. “New Zealand represents a fantastic opportunity for travellers to experience a great lifestyle while earning an income. Don’t hold off, life is short and therefore make the move to New Zealand and have no regrets – the lifestyle in New Zealand is amazing and there are a lot of employment opportunities for working holiday applicants so come out and have some fun”.

For more information on the Working Holiday Visa, and the jobs that NZ Skills In Demand may be able to help you with, click here.