Work Visa Changes to Minimum Income Thresholds

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has revised the minimum income thresholds which must be met by visa applicants who want to support a dependent child visitor visa, or a dependent child student visa.

In general, applicants who receive an offer of skilled employment and apply for a work visa are allowed to support additional temporary visa applications for their partners and their dependent children, subject to meeting the various requirements. In order to do so, INZ must determine that the main applicant has an offer of employment in a higher-skilled or mid-skilled occupation.  These levels are determined by the ANZSCO description of the occupation and the remuneration rate:

Remuneration ANZSCO 1-3 ANZSCO 4-5
$37.50+ per hour High High
$21.25 - $37.50 per hour Mid Low
Less than $21.25 per hour Low Low

However, visa applicants who wish to support a dependent child visa must also meet INZ’s revised minimum annual income threshold of at least NZD$43,322.76 per annum. If you receive an offer of employment in New Zealand and intend to include your children in your visa application, you must ensure that you meet the new minimum income threshold:

Hours per week Hourly rate of pay Annual Salary
40 $21.25 $44,200
30 $27.80 $45,368

Immigration New Zealand updates these salary thresholds annually to ensure that visa applicants have sufficient income to support themselves and their families while in New Zealand.

If you are considering applying for work in New Zealand or have received an offer of employment,  and you would like our assistance with visa applications for you and your family, contact us today.