Immigration New Zealand’s Special Visa Category for Victims of the Christchurch Terror Attacks

INZ has established a special visa category in response to the Christchurch terror attacks. The Christchurch Response residence visa category offers permanent residence to those victims and their family members who meet the policy requirements. INZ stated that “this new visa category recognises the impact of the tragedy on the lives of those most affected, and gives people currently on temporary and resident visas some certainty about their immigration status in New Zealand”.

In the aftermath of the Christchurch terror attacks, INZ has worked closely with a group of highly experienced Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIA) and Immigration Lawyers who have specialised expertise in difficult and complex casework. An Immigration Advice Pool, which consists of 10 LIAs and Lawyers, has been set up to help people applying for a Christchurch Response (2019) permanent resident visa.

 Advice from this Immigration Advice pool is paid for by the Ministry of Social Development and you can choose which immigration professional you get help from.

 Migration Associates is a Christchurch-based immigration advice consultancy and the Managing Director of Migration Associates, Borey Chum, is one of the LIAs who is part of the Immigration Advice Pool.

 “As a well established global immigration consultancy with an office in Christchurch, we really felt the impact of the terror attacks first-hand,” said Mr Chum. “We would like to provide any assistance we can to the victims of this tragedy and we look forward to working collaboratively with INZ to find solutions for those affected ”. “We feel very privileged to have been offered the opportunity by INZ to play a small part in helping victims and their families on their path to recovery,” he added.

 Anyone who would like immigration advice or assistance with applying for Christchurch Response (2019) permanent resident visa is encouraged to get in touch directly with Borey Chum from Migration Associates.

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