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Two Migration Associates advisers get updates to their IAA Licenses

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Two advisers in the New Zealand branch of Migration Associates have had updates to their Immigration Adviser Authority Licenses recently.

Vivian Booth has now obtained her provisional license, and can now practice under the supervision of Christine Yapp. Vivian has a Master of Arts in Psychology and has recently completed the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice. She joined the Migration Associates Christchurch office in 2018.

Prior to joining Migration Associates, Vivian has a background in the public sector and various non-profit organisations. She is involved in various community organisations and is very passionate about settlement support for new migrants.

Her adviser number is 201900568.

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This week has also seen Michael Cooke have his provisional license upgraded to a full license, so that he is now a fully licensed Immigration Adviser. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Japanese and recently completed the Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice to a very high standard. He joined the Migration Associates Christchurch office in December 2016, working alongside two very experienced Immigration Advisors, Borey and Christine.  

Prior to joining Migration Associates, Michael has obtained recent immigration related experience, with a well-known immigration consultancy in Christchurch. Michael has travelled and worked overseas and is able to speak conversational Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Michael’s world experience allows him to work with a variety of clients from different backgrounds and enables him to provide a very personalised and professional service. Michael has a great understanding of the challenges some migrants have in settling into a new county and is more than willing to assist each client to ensure their immigration application is successful.

Michael’s IAA number is 201700319.

Congratulations to them both.

If you need to speak to anyone in the New Zealand office the contact details are:

Migration Associates (NZ) Ltd.

455/1 Papanui Road

Christchurch 8052,

New Zealand

Tel: +64 03 355 1495 

Don't let Brexit delay your backpacking plans - A NZ adventure awaits!

The “Brexit blues” is being blamed for a disastrous fall in spending by British tourists in New Zealand.

Recent statistics showing a 23% drop in the number of British backpackers arriving in New Zealand has worried tourist operators and accommodation providers. The fall in the number of young European backpackers will have a particularly detrimental effect on regional employers, who depend on hard-working and enthusiastic young people to work in seasonal industries. Employers in a variety of local sectors, including hospitality, tourism, farming and construction, say that young travellers are essential to cover labour shortages, particularly during the peak of seasonal industries.

Borey Chum, Managing Director of Migration Associates, says that “young Britons should not be deterred from embarking on a New Zealand adventure. With the numerous beaches, scenic vistas, adrenaline-fuelled activities and great weather for most of the year, New Zealand has a huge amount to offer working holiday applicants.”

New Zealand represents a particularly great opportunity for young people with qualifications and experience in a variety of occupations, including trades and construction workers. Demand for skilled workers is high, with plenty of employment opportunities available for people with the right attitude and skill-set. Migration Associates works closely with NZ Skills In Demand, who may be able to assist with arranging a job offer before working holiday applicants even arrive here. “We’ve been able to assist hundreds of clients based in the United Kingdom to apply for and obtain their work visas while they are still in the UK,” says Mr Chum. “They arrive in New Zealand to a great lifestyle, and earning money from day one. We are particularly in need of construction workers”.

British citizens also have the advantage of being able to apply for a generous Working Holiday Visa (WHV), which enables them to travel around New Zealand, seeing the sights and earning money while they’re here. There is no limit to the number of UK citizens who can be granted the WHVs, which allow a stay in New Zealand for up to 23 months including 12 months of work rights. The WHV is a hugely popular way for young people to experience some of what New Zealand has to offer, with thousands of young people from all over the world arriving every year for their New Zealand adventure and some end up making New Zealand their home.

People interested in travelling to New Zealand to pursue new employment opportunities or enjoy a holiday adventure can complete a free online NZ visa evaluation. to enable Migration Associates to advise on WHV eligibility and to connect you with New Zealand Skills in Demand, who works with many New Zealand employers, including one of New Zealand’s largest trade recruiter. Migration Associates and New Zealand Skills in Demand have a proven track-record, assisting hundreds of clients embark on their New Zealand adventure and ensuring that their visa applications go smoothly and assist working holiday applicants to obtain employment before arriving in New Zealand.

“Don’t let the Brexit blues get you down,” urges Mr Chum. “New Zealand represents a fantastic opportunity for travellers to experience a great lifestyle while earning an income. Don’t hold off, life is short and therefore make the move to New Zealand and have no regrets – the lifestyle in New Zealand is amazing and there are a lot of employment opportunities for working holiday applicants so come out and have some fun”.

For more information on the Working Holiday Visa, and the jobs that NZ Skills In Demand may be able to help you with, click here.

Migration Associates Director Borey Chum joins the board for NZAMI

The Managing Director of Migration Associates Borey Chum has joined the board of directors for the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI). The NZAMI has been New Zealand's leading professional association for immigration practitioners since 1989, and works closely with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) in its commitment to playing a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand. 

The association is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected annually by the NZAMI membership and are bound to the NZAMI Code of Ethics for the protection and care of migrants to New Zealand.

The Directors and staff of NZAMI are a highly committed team of immigration practitioners that work with industry and stakeholders to achieve the aims and objectives of the association. The group comprise of highly experienced Immigration Advisers and Lawyers who are committed to giving the best service possible to their clients, as well as a range of service providers who help migrants with important settlement matters such as finding a job, banking, housing, relocation, education.

Borey will be at the heart of the immigration industry and working with the private sector and government and has a passion to make a difference. His role on the board is within the committees of Continuing Professional Development, Policy and Advocacy and Awards. Of particular interest, is his involvement in the policy committee, given his academic background (Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science). Borey sits on the board alongside eight other directors, vice chairman and Chairman. To see the full board and their roles, click here.

Of the position, Borey Chum:

Borey Chum - MD of Migration Associates

Borey Chum - MD of Migration Associates

“Having only returned to New Zealand in April 2016, it is a great privilege and honour that I have been elected for the NZAMI board of directors by my peers in the immigration industry in New Zealand, in such a short time of arriving back.”

“In this role I’m able to not only contribute and share my own views and experience with other key members of New Zealand’s immigration sector, but gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding in return, which directly benefits my clients as I am in a position to provide strong advocacy. My practice will also benefit from this role with the insights gained on immigration policy and procedure. “

“I relish the challenges and opportunities that await me in this position and look forward to working hard with the other NZAMI board members to make a difference.”

At the time of writing the article, Borey has only just returned from the UK where he held a NZAMI CPD seminar in New Zealand House in London in November 2018, which was hosted by INZ and well attended by Immigration Advisers and Lawyers in the Europe region.

“This seminar was a great chance to acknowledge the close working relationship that the INZ London branch has built over the years with a close group of Licensed Advisers and Lawyers in Europe and to thank INZ London Branch for the high level of customer service and the high level of policy and procedural knowledge of Immigration Officers, Technical Adviser’s and Managers from the INZ in London prior to the closure of the branch in February 2019.”

It appears that Borey’s contribution is being well received around the world and we congratulate Borey on this exciting new position!

2018 NZAMI Annual Conference – Keeping abreast of latest Immigration changes


In August our Managing Director Borey Chum will be attending the 2018 New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI) annual conference. This is an opportunity for us to keep abreast of the latest changes within the New Zealand migration industry, and we wanted to share with you the agenda, so you can see some of the current topics that are important within New Zealand’s current immigration climate.

Borey Chum has spoken at previous NZAMI conferences in Auckland and Christchurch as a recognised voice within the NZ immigration market.

NZAMI is New Zealand’s leading professional association for immigration advisers and works closely with Immigration New Zealand.

The morning session will begin with a talk from Steve Stuart, the General Manager of Visa Services for Immigration New Zealand. Steve will talk about new initiatives underway to help NZAMI registered immigration advisers to work more collaboratively with INZ, as well as providing an update on the implementation of the new Visa Services operating model.

This will follow with a focus on Immigration’s role in NZ’s changing economy, a talk given by Tony Alexander, Chief Economist, Strategy and Business Performance at Bank of New Zealand.

The afternoon will kick off with a presentation from Dwellworks International who offer relocation support services. Their presentation focuses on managing cultural differences encountered in immigration.

This presentation will be followed by a panel of speakers, who will discuss changing attitudes to policy implementation. This session will discuss the role that should be played by New Zealand, a country built by migrants and will feature lively discussions with speakers chosen for their first-hand knowledge and views on the effectiveness of immigration policies.  They will discuss if policies are recognising the significant impact migrants make on the economy through contributions as workers, taxpayers and consumers.  They will explore the varied causes of the current crisis and the unique challenges that come with migrants.

Migration Associates are registered members of NZAMI, and Borey Chum was a finalist in 2017’s Immigration Adviser of the year. We work hard to ensure we have the most up to date and relevant information on the NZ immigration and visa industry in order to best assist you.

If you are considering working and living in New Zealand and are looking for a licenced adviser to help assist with your New Zealand visa application, get in touch. Start today by filling out our free initial visa evaluation.

Do you work in Construction? New Zealand needs you!

In November 2019, Migration Associates and New Zealand Skills in Demand are hosting Seminars in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol across the UK for those who want to find out more about living and working in New Zealand. 

We are delighted to announce that New Zealand’s largest Trade Recruiter will be coming from New Zealand to attend these Seminars, and for those with the right skills set, interviews will be conducted before, during and after the Seminars for 2019/20 positions across New Zealand – this means you could walk away with a New Zealand job offer!

This is a unique opportunity for you to speak to representatives of New Zealand’s largest Trade Recruiter regarding employment opportunities across New Zealand in 2019/2020 face to face.

New Zealand’s largest Trade Recruiter is particularly interested in meeting/speaking to those who work in the following trades for roles across New Zealand in 2019/2020:

In addition to the above New Zealand Skills in Demand are also particularly interested in meeting/speaking to those who have the following skills set:

Whilst the events will have a specific Construction focus, we welcome everyone who is looking to live and work in New Zealand. The events are a fantastic opportunity to learn about a NZ lifestyle from Kiwi experts. You will get learn all the essentials about visas and jobs, get your burning questions answered and meet others who are looking to live and work in New Zealand. 

Find out more about This is New Zealand Seminars here.

Employment forecast: Jobs to grow by 153,000

Employment forecast to grow by 153,000 over the next three years.

The Short-term Employment Forecasts: 2017 - 2020 report was released today by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Some of the key stats from this release include:

  • Employment across sectors and regions is forecast to grow by 2 per cent per annum or 153,000 over the three years to March 2020.

  • Highly skilled occupations such as managers and professionals are forecast to grow faster than overall employment growth, at 2.9 per cent or 31,600 per year.

  • Business services is forecast to make the largest contribution to employment growth, up 33,300, with construction and utilities close behind up 19,400, and health care and social assistance up 15,500.

  • All regions are forecast to grow over the next three years – with growth strongest in the Auckland and Waikato regions.

  • Rural regions including Marlborough, Tasman, and the West Coast are forecast to grow at a faster rate, with all summing up to 6,500 more workers to the projected growth in 2020.

  • Low skilled workers will account for 29 per cent of the overall employment growth by 2020.

  • The unemployment rate is forecast to decline to 4.1 per cent by 2020.

Read the full report here.

NZAMI Awards Evening

The biannual NZAMI awards were held in Eden Park in Auckland on Friday, 18th August 2017.

NZAMI is the largest membership organisation representing immigration professionals in New Zealand. Its members have expertise and broad first-hand knowledge of how immigration policies affect migrants and New Zealand businesses. The recent awards recognises talent, hard work, inspiring migrant stories and great service in the New Zealand immigration industry. 

Borey Chum our Managing Director attended, as he was a finalist for Immigration Adviser/Lawyer of the Year 2017, along with 4 other candidates.

Borey was up against tough competition and unfortunately wasn't successful in his category. The awards were incredibly popular with 86 nominees for the for Immigration Adviser/Lawyer of the Year 2017 category, and only 5 finalists, so Borey is delighted to have even been named as a finalist, especially as Borey has only relocated back to New Zealand in April 2016 to establish the New Zealand practice, having established the UK practice in 2009.

The NZAMI Annual Conference was held before the NZAMI awards evening, and distinguished names from the New Zealand Immigration Industry attended and presented. Among the notable names was was Rt Hon Michael Woodhouse, Government Immigration Minister. With immigration a hot topic in New Zealand it was interesting to see the Governments vision for NZ immigration and also to listen to other academics and migration commentators deliver presentations on the issues of immigration. 

The NZAMI Conference and Awards evening was great opportunity for Borey to have the New Zealand immigration industry recognise the work Migration Associates has done, over the years, to assist migrants to work and live in New Zealand.   

Borey had an enjoyable weekend in Auckland living and breathing the New Zealand immigration industry, which he enjoys very much, and we'll make sure he enters in 2019, hopefully to do even better!

Borey at Awards.jpg

Borey Chum is a finalist for Immigration Lawyer/Adviser of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that our MD Borey Chum is a finalist for the Immigration Lawyer/Adviser of the year award with the NZAMI.

The NZAMI is New Zealand's leading professional association for immigration advisers since 1989, works closely with Immigration New Zealand and the Immigration Advisers Authority in its commitment to playing a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand. 

This bi-annual award recognises outstanding Licensed Immigration Advisers or Immigration Lawyers who enhance the migration profession. Candidates will have contributed to the industry by their notable work in assisting migrants during the last 3 years.

Borey is thrilled to have reached the finals, and thanked his team for their support.

"To be named as a finalist is an achievement in itself and whilst it is me that is fronting the award, I couldn’t do it with the help of all of you over the years and we should all celebrate making it to the finals and have a real sense of pride in this achievement, as you have all contributed. You are all a fantastic team so a big thank you to all of you and well done!"

We're keeping our fingers crossed for the 18th August, when the Immigration Lawyer/Adviser of the year will be announced. 

For the full list and more information about the awards, visit the NZAMI website

Borey Chum moves back to NZ, and sets up a Migration Associates NZ Branch

In April 2016 Managing Director of Migration Associates took the step that so many of you are in the process of taking, or have already taken – and relocated to New Zealand.

Borey is a New Zealander, but has lived in the United Kingdom with his family for the last 10 years. With his children now in primary education Borey decided it was time to make the move home and enjoy the country he spends all his working hours talking about!

Borey used PSS removals to ship furniture and belongings to New Zealand, this was packed up and taken mid-January and arrived mid-March.

His wife and Children made the move to Christchurch a few months before so his eldest could start a fresh school term. His son has joined a class with only 18 children in total, a totally different experience from his London Primary school. The children are absolutely loving the outdoor life and the weather which has been around 30 degrees Celsius.

Borey is in the process of setting up the New Zealand Branch to work alongside the UK Branch, and to assist those who may already be in New Zealand. For anyone who has made the move and living in Christchurch, he would love to catch up over a coffee and find out how you are settling in. His NZ email address is borey.chum@migrationassociates.co.uk – get in touch.

From the UK team we wish Borey lots of success in his new life chapter, and we'll miss him!