Scaffolder Positions 2019 - New Zealand

Our partners New Zealand Skills in Demand are seeking qualified Scaffolders for temporary and permanent roles across New Zealand.

Ideal candidates will have

  • At least 3 years experience

  • A minimum of 2 years Tube and Clip experience as well as having a NVQ Level 3/Advanced ticket or equivalent.

  • Layher and Kwikstage experience is also required

  • You will need your own tools

  • You will likely need a vehicle to transport yourself to your work site. 

A CV is a must. You must also be able to provide written references and an oral reference will be taken as part of the process.

Opportunities are on-going and start dates are flexible – New Zealand Skills In Demand will provide you with relocation advice including visas, shipping, banking, money transfer and support before you arrive in New Zealand.

Start the process now: 

1. Email with your CV

2. Fill out our free initial evaluation form for us to assess you eligibility for a NZ Visa.

3. Attend a Seminar or Webinar with This is New Zealand

Scaffolder Positions: Christchurch, NZ

Our partners NZ Skills in Demand are looking for Scaffolders for positions in Christchurch.

You will be erecting and dismantling scaffolding for both commercial and residential projects. You will also be qualified in advanced Scaffolding and have a Lorry License.

You should have at least 5 years experience, with construction experience (as opposed to utilities background).

To apply or to find out more about Scaffolding positions in New Zealand, contact

If you're interested in working and living in New Zealand please fill out our free initial visa evaluation form today.


Scaffolders in Demand - Christchurch

An article was published in Christchurch Today (18/07/2016) appealing for migrant scaffolders for the Canterbury region, NZ. 

Here's the full article:

"New Zealand needs to urgently woo more highly-qualified scaffolders from overseas, the head of an industry body says.

Grapham Burke, chief executive of Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand (Sarnz), said the Government should address a "glaring omission" and acknowledge a shortage of workers with advanced scaffolder qualifications in its list of skilled occupations. 

Scaffolding is included on Immigration NZ's Canterbury skills shortage, and the immediate skills shortage lists, but not on its long-term skilled shortages list or list of skilled occupations. 

Burke said New Zealand's critical shortage of advanced  level scaffolders was holding up work in the booming construction sector. 
"The sector is working to recruit and train as many New Zealand scaffolders as possible but it is a lengthy process - taking one to two years to become an elementary scaffolder and another two to become advanced." Burke said.

"But when I contacted Immigration New Zealand about this I was told the advanced qualification isn't an essential qualification for scaffolders.
"That isn't correct - there is a legal requirement for scaffolders to hold a certificate of competence for the appropriate class, and many of the scaffolds needed for the industrial, commercial and civil sectors require an advanced scaffold certificate."

Advanced scaffolders were in such short supply, training organisations were struggling to find tutors. The call to import more scaffolders is also supported by the head of the country's commercial construction companies.

Rick Herd, chief executive of Naylor Love, said just last week he had been at a site where there were 12 scaffolders and the concensus was that the job needed 12 more. "but the qualified and experienced people just are not there". 

Although the lack of scaffolders was never allowed to become a health and safety issue at his firm, it could certainly slow things down. An Immigration NZ spokesperson said that the skills shortage kists were a result of "extensive consultation with industry groups, other stakeholders and relevant government agencies alongside analysis of economic,labour market and immigration data". The lists were reviewed and updated regularly. 

If you are a qualified scaffolder and interested in living and working in New Zealand, fill out our free initial NZ Visa evaluation form, ensuring you attach a CV. Please also send your CV to to find out more about current scaffolding roles in New Zealand.

Scaffolder positions available in New Zealand

New Zealand Skills In Demand is a UK based, Kiwi owned and operated, resourcing company lining up great UK employees with New Zealand companies.

One of our key clients is looking for UK Scaffolders in order to meet their growing demands and will be interviewing in the UK in the middle of September 2015. Even if you are unavailable at this time we would still like to hear from you.

These are long term positions with a company who is working towards gaining their New Zealand Immigration Accreditation, so the opportunity to potentially gain New Zealand Permanent Residency exists for those interested.

We are looking for Advanced and Part 2 Scaffolders who are keen to remain on the tools initially. You will be comfortable leading a small team and will be familiar with Layher, Quickstage and Tube and Fitting Systems. You will have 5+ years experience.

Pay rates – up to $30 NZD per hour, depending on experience.

Accommodation – first month provided in a motel, or similar.

Vehicle – supplied for use to and from work for the first month.

Airfares – $2000.00 NZD reimbursed after six months with the company

This is a unique opportunity for a role with one of New Zealand’s premier scaffolding companies. Multiple positions in Christchurch and Auckland.

Please only apply if a move to New Zealand is of interest. Our clients cannot support short term contractors.

The NZ construction sector is booming. There is a shortage of qualified Scaffolders across the country. Don’t delay, get your CV through to us today. These positions are required for a third quarter 2015 start, but we can also work with your specific timelines for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016.

We are always on the lookout for UK based candidates who are keen to make a permanent or temporary move to New Zealand. Please get in touch with Mark Morrison at and we can set you on the path to make this happen.

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In September we’ll be holding our quarterly “This Is New Zealand” Seminars in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. The events are held to help people get a better insight into living and working in New Zealand. These seminars are sponsored by Bank of New Zealand and co-hosted with well know companies such as New Zealand Skills in Demand,  MoneyCorpPSS removals and Migration Cover, so you get to hear about every step of the journey, from money to jobs to the big move, and the details on working and living in NZ. The Seminars are different from big exhibitions, they offer a more in depth and personal experience to exploring New Zealand Migration. They are extremely popular and have helped many people start their journey towards their NZ dream.

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Scaffolder jobs in New Zealand

Scaffolders Required for Christchurch Rebuild – Scaffolder Jobs In New Zealand

Migration Associates has formed a strategic relationship with New Zealand Skills In Demand Limited regarding job opportunities in New Zealand.

New Zealand Skills In Demand is currently recruiting for multiple Scaffolder positions.

To apply for this job, please send a copy of your CV to

Title: Scaffolder
Job Base: Christchurch
Organisation Description: Provider of commercial and residential scaffolding services.
Job Role: Erecting and dismantling scaffolding.
Qualifications Required: Advanced scaffolding Lorry License Construction experience (as opposed to utilities background)
Work Experience: At least 5 years.
Salary Guide: £30,000 p.a. and upwards
Full Time: Yes
Permanent: Yes
Start Date: ASAP
Number of Positions: Multiple