Working Holiday Visa Hammerhand Positions - New Zealand

Our partners New Zealand Skills in Demand are seeking Hammerhands for full-time permanent roles in NZ. 


  • Need to be prepared and able to mix concrete, plaster and mortar and be willing to do heavy labouring

  • Require experience operating power tools

  • Minimum 2 years residential and/or commercial experience

  • Need own tools

You will be involved in residential, commercial and infrastructure projects (depending on experience). 

A CV is a must. You must also be able to provide written references and an oral reference will be taken as part of the process. 

Opportunities are on-going and start dates are flexible – New Zealand Skills In Demand will provide you with relocation advice including visas, shipping, insurance, banking, money transfer and support before you arrive in New Zealand. 

Start the process now: 

1. Email with your CV

2. Fill out our free initial evaluation form for us to assess you eligibility for a NZ Visa.

3. Attend a Seminar or Webinar with This is New Zealand