New Zealand Skills In Demand

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New Zealand Skills in Demand is your pathway to employment in New Zealand. With an offices in London (UK) and Christchurch (NZ), they are the link between you, the job seeker, and the employers and recruiters in New Zealand. They have assisted individuals and families from the UK, NZ, Australia, Canada, South Africa and more.

Being able to connect with employers who are willing and able to employ an international candidate is key, and New Zealand Skills in Demand ensures you are provided in the best possible light to a potential employer, meaning your chances of employment are much higher than if you were trying to connect yourself, often many thousands of miles away and in the wrong time zone. Plus their service is FREE so why wouldn't you?!

Because New Zealand Skills in Demand is run by kiwis they are able to provide migrants with comprehensive relocation assistance that covers all matters relating to life in New Zealand and areas such as accommodation, schooling, transport and healthcare. They can also point you in the right direction when it comes to banking, foreign exchange, and removals.

In addition, New Zealand Skills in Demand can assist with CV templates, as well as feedback and tips for all candidates. This is recognition that a CV can either be your biggest asset or your biggest hindrance, depending on how well it is done. The Skills in Demand team understand how New Zealand employers think and what they want to see in a CV.